Tell the Treasurer to block this deal now!

To: Scott Morrison <>

Subject: Stop China’s Yancoal gaining control of Newcastle Port

Dear Treasurer,

A massive chunk of Newcastle Port is up for sale, and a mining company controlled by the Chinese government wants to buy it up.

I urge you to block this deal. As the biggest coal export terminal in the world, Newcastle Port is a unique and irreplaceable national asset. We should not be giving it away, piece by piece, to a foreign government just to make a quick buck, especially when that government has an obvious strategic interest in controlling our ports.

The company – Yancoal – is also carrying large amounts of debt, and has reportedly been boasting to investors it will not pay any taxes on these assets for years. This would deprive the Treasury of $100 million a year, meaning less money to fund our schools, hospitals and police.

We believe you will do the right thing and protect Newcastle Port, safeguarding Australia’s national interests as you have in the past with Kidman Station and Ausgrid. Please stand up to the international bankers and the Chinese government, who are clearly trying to pressure you into a decision that is in their interests and not ours.

Kind Regards,