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    When is our Govt going to stop selling off our beautiful country.
    It has to stop NOW before it’s too late.
    Their not thinking of our interests, just their own.
    Our soldiers fought and died for this country and now our Govt is selling it off. It’s time it stopped. Keep Australia free and safe for our children and their children’s children.

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    This one is easy- NO. The government can use the $1.5b from the sale of the mobile radio spectrum to buy it.

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    It’s about time our politicians focused on a sustainable Australia so that this generation leaves a legacy for future Australians. Some infrastructure is too strategically important to be up for sale to interests outsude Australia. Australia should never be put in a situation where we have to ask foreign companies for access to our own natural or man made resources. Neither should we have to pay for access that enables profits from our resouurces to flow overseas to benefit others and not our own people.

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    Sue Nicol

    Leave Australia in Australian hands and STOP selling our assets to overseas businesses.

  5. 5


    IF the Australian government will keep on selling Australian properties to foreigners, one day Australians will wake up SQUATTERS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY !!!!!

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    This had gone on long enough. You bloody politicians have screwed this country up enough. You are PUBLIC SERVANTS remember that. SERVANTS. You are meant to listen to the people who DO own this country and stop selling off our beautiful resources. Jesus wake up to to yourselves.

  7. 7

    Maggie Stanke

    Oh Sure….let the whole world buy our water…do they know most of our vast inland is really a desert and wouldn’t have people or stock living there without the Great Artesian Basin? and there are question marks over that now? Then we have the huge Adani mine going to use more precious water – which we get rationed in droughts, have to let our gardens die, 3 min showers, and were told would have to drink so called ‘purified’ sewerage water!!!! if things got worse! We already pay expensive rates for water which I once foolishly thought was almost free and now we’re going to ‘sell’ water to China…what sort of lunacy is this?

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    Susan goebel

    Stop selling our assets. Australia for Australians only.

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    Let them buy the water in Queensland then tell sorry it run out to sea and you will have to reclaim it.

  10. 10


    We already have water restrictions and severe drought, and now the evil government wants to sell what little water resources we have to China, so China will control the water, and send it all to China, it will not be available for local use
    This can only lead to Australians dying of thirst due to no water, and starving to death due to extreme food shortages because all the water and agricultural land, farms and food production areas will be owned and controlled by China, and there will be nothing left for Australians

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      This is about water treatment and management NOT sending water to China .we have lots of companies from all over the place who own Australian infrastructure and it works fine . We have a too small an economy to own all theses assets with Australian investment .

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    Isn’t that like letting someone buy the air we breath. Vote for change at the next election if it’s not to late. The Australian government are so insight less at our expense.

  12. 12


    Honestly, people the company is 100% Japanese owned at the moment, therefore, foreign owned so those who are having a go at this sale because it is “going into foreign hands” get your facts right.

    If you are against it because it is a Chinese company investing into it, you’re firstly xenophobic and secondly honestly who else has the finances to invest in this, the want to and the ability to make sure that it is financially viable over time..??

    After all, they’ll want to make sure that it is running in a productive fashion considering their agricultural produce back home relies on it.

  13. 13


    Do not sell our water to China, just because we are a free and democratic country, doesn’t mean that our precious water be SOLD OFF, Start thinking of the Australian People first, not the money involved. We have put you people in Government to govern the country properly. I don’t see how selling our water, among other assets, is being responsible for the people. THIS IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. Take a good look around you, do you think that the Chinese people wont eventually take over Australia. THIS IS A FOREGONE CONCLUSION!

    1. 13.1


      They are not selling water to China . It’s about them investing in our infrastructure . Infrastructure that needs their investment in order to be built .

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    At this rate, all our food and water security, which are National Security Issue will be compromised! I sure as hell cannot believe what I am seeing happening! Australia must be the only country in the world I know off where another Countries Government or Citizens can buy another Countries National Security Interests, Harbours, Airports, Water, Farms, Communication systems etc.! WTF is going on here!!

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    S Hood

    No to selling Australia’s water. Not to China, not to anyone. It belongs to Australia and that is the way it should stay. No questions about it.

  16. 16

    Bob S

    There will be a very logical reason behind China wanting to buy this, and guaranteed it will be for China’s interests – not Australias.

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    This is a classic beat up . Yes maybe we need to look very carefully at what assets are sold to fund more infrastructure. I cannot see anywhere in this story that this is about literally selling our water to China .

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      Gotta love how people jump about water when it comes to Chinese investment into our water infrastructure yet they stay quiet when it comes to our water being at risk of large-scale irreversible contamination from the mining industries which are mostly funded with international investment.

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    Dian Tangey

    Dear Mr Morrison,
    I wish to express my anger that water is the next Australian commodity up for sale. The fact that the majority of the proposed water sale is already foreign owned is astounding. Any government that allows their water resources to be foreign owned certainly does not have the Australian people in mind. This sale should be stopped and the asset returned to its rightful owners which are the Australian people. Further, the free water proposed for the Adani company is outright theft from us the people who have to pay for every drop of water we consume. Definitely not a vote catching idea. Whoever thought this catastrophe up did not understand the mounting anger amongst Australian voters. Afterall you do work for us.


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