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    Tony herbert

    The Chinese government cant invade Australia whilst we are a strong ally of the US ! So the next best thing for China to do is to buy large amounts of Australian Real Estate including Homes . Units . Large land holdings .mining Companies . Utilities . The list is endless including many vast cattle and Dairy farms ! Australia is unbelievable stupid to have let this catastrophe happen to our country for what ? GREED ? It is getting to the stage our children will never be able to buy a home . The prices are now so artificially inflated by the Corrupt Chinese officials getting their corrupt holdings out of China that if it keeps going they wont have to invade us because they will already own our country ! Sad .

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    Why are overseas investors or citizens allowed to buy our land and housing when we can not buy any of their property. It is bad management on the governments part that allow this when there are so many poor and destitute people in this country that can not even afford low rental accommodation. Time we put a stop to this selling off land to foreign countries because we ourselves can’t really own our own land. If they found minerals under your house and land they would tell you to move so they can mine the land so we loose on all sides.

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    Julie Power

    This is wrong on soooo many levels! China is buying up Australia. I say beware & be afraid, Rey afraid!!! Our sovereignty is all but gone! Everyday Australians are in dire straits, it’s getting worse. The Turnbull government & previous governments have been selling us out to China for years! Before long, we will be governed by China. It has already started with the Comminist party interfering with Australian citizens’ rights to vote for their chosen political parties WHILST LIVING IN AUSTRALIA! Remember the 2nd world war??? How cruel & unnaturally sadistic the Chinese were??? Now they are close to owning our entire country!
    Nostradamus said China has the manpower & the money to rule the entire world! God help us!

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    Wake up Australia. Global economy is not the only answer. Yes we need imports and exports and some investment. But wisdom has flown out the window. We have to own our assets to create wealth. Keep assets in Australia for Australian wealth. Big companies who sell out to overseas investors are creating poverty in our nation. The profits of these companies do not stay in Australia. Take care of your own backyard and leave an inheritance for your children to realize and experience by being able to participate in the work force and create wealth for themselves.


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