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China is buying up Australian national assets at an alarming rate. This is diluting our sovereignty, undermining Australian businesses and poses a national security risk.

Most Chinese companies investing in Australia today are owned by the Chinese state, who are looking out for their long-term strategic interests, not ours.

Currently, Newcastle Port – a critical national asset and the world’s largest coal port – is being targeted by Chinese companies. This is not the first time they have gone after our key infrastructure. Other assets they’ve targeted before include:

  • Ausgrid, Australia’s largest electricity network
  • The Port of Melbourne, Australia’s largest container port
  • The iconic Kidman estate, including the world’s largest cattle station
  • The Port of Darwin, a strategic defence port

Newcastle Port is the next big test case. The port is already 50 per cent owned by Chinese state-owned company, China Merchants Group. Now another Chinese state-owned company, Yancoal – who already own 27 per cent of one of the terminal operators – is trying to buy another 36 per cent stake in more terminals. This would give China a significant ownership position in all aspects of the port.

The more of our ports China owns, the more leverage they have over our most important export industry. As a free and sovereign nation, this is not in our national interest.

It’s time to take a stand. We must tell the government to block this deal. Click here to send an email to the Treasurer.